One Bad Experience

th4BBWCQAEIs tree cutting something you can do on your own? For most of us we will say yes, how hard can it be, right? Cutting a tree down people do it every day. In addition, heck you may even be a little handy around the house and feeling confident think you can tackle any job, nothing too big or too small. A regular old do it yourselfer. Let me tell you form my own experience do not do it, go with a professional. It will save you time, money, and possibly your life.

Better safe than sorry, do not think about the money you may save it is too dangerous for someone without any experience or expertise. Use a tree service. Do not listen to yourself or your friend encourages you to forgo the expert and do it yourself.   If you do not believe me, just read on. I told myself I wield never tell this story again, but in the hopes of saving a fellow comrade for a bad situation here it is. Do not judge me, just pay heed to what I am about to say.

I remember as if it was yesterday, it was one warm, spring Sunday morning. Fist light. I wanted to be done with it as early as I could. Therefore, I started first thing in the morning. I bribed my brothers to meet me at my house in hopes of helping me, with the promise of breakfast, lunch, and a barbeque dinner.   Greedy as they are for a good meal they accepted the deal, that and the fact that I can still beat each of them up.

The day before I bought an axe, chainsaw, and some mope. I watch hours and hosts of YouTube videos on tree cutting. I felt as though I was an expert and ready to take on the world. I was super confident; looking back, I was too confident. It was amaze as safe as I felt with myself. Anyway, I was prepared.

I woke made a pot of coffee and waited for my brothers to show up. As soon as they did we ate breakfast, drank a few cups of coffee, and ready to make it happen.

We determine a path for the tree to fall into, cut the different types of cuts into the tree. A wedge here and a slice there, it look just like the pictures online. We through some ropes around the tree branches something about controlling the fall of the tree. Everyone was in place; it all was going according to plan. Then I felt as though it was time to gas up the chainsaw and cut that baby down.

As I was starting in on the cut, I heard one of my brothers yell whoa, stop loud. However, it was too late. I had already put in too deep with the chainsaw. The tree was starting to lean and fall. The only thing is I misjudge my wedges and slices into the trunk. Instead of falling northeast away from my house, garage, and car, it fell right onto my garage. In addition, part of the hoes.

Just like that, something that would have cost me a few hundred dollars to have a tree service come out and cut it down now is costing me thousands of dollars in repairs, if my home insurance denies my claim. Not to mention my family and I cannot stay in our house now.   This sucks.

Let this be a listen those do it yourselfer that feel as though they don’t need tree service company to come and do such and “easy” job. Call them, set up a consultation, and use them. Do not be a fool like me. Please.

Real Life, It’s an Experience

thW399J2VDThe other day I was perusing the newspaper catching up on what is going on around town. What is hot and what is not, you know. Trying to stay inform about everything and anything. It is my thing.   I save all my newspapers and magazines for the weekend then when I wake up for breakfast. I have my orange juice and whatever I happen to be eating that morning and I catch up with everything that I missed that week. I like to save it all for the weekend because I am so busy during the week I do not really have time to really read the periodicals.   It is so relaxing.

Anyway, as I was riding through everything, I read this great article about this young seventeen-year boy. He is very smart and computer savvy. At the young age of seventeen, he was able to score a lucrative job right out of high school. Along with his super helpful guidance counselor, he was able to graduate early at the young age of sixteen. Instead of continuing onto college as his parents expects, he sought for employment.

In addition, he got it! He works as computer and app programming engineer. With an up and coming startup. Not only is he doing something that he loves he is getting some great real life work experience, which is so valuable in this economy. Many employers are not impress with people with education alone. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, real life experience is that extra boost that everyone should have.

What’s great for those not ready to take that leap until full time employment, by graduating early like that young man previous mention in the article, try a after school job, job shadow, or an internship. Justas try to gain some type of real work experience t odd to your resume. Do not just think that this is just for the employers college administrators also love potential applicant to have that type of variety in their lives.

According to a new study that came out this week an employer is at least seven times more likely to select an applicant for the first time interview if their resume reflects applicable real life work experience. That transcends to the position that is being applied for than those that do not have work experience.

It not necessary to graduate a year or two early, although this is impressive what is more impressive is the real experience. Showing different skill set every employer looks for, the ability to work with others on a team. An enterprising person, responsible, someone that everyone can depend on, and brings a positive and productive edge to the workplace.

School just cannot teach some things. Not diminishing how great pursuing a higher education benefits anyone lucky to attend. It does. Those people with a bachelor degree or higher on average have a greater earning potential than those with a high school diploma or a general education degree. Higher education has its place. As mention nothing can compared to life experience.

Always use a tree service

thXVA9ROEDLast week I was walking through my neighbor, enjoying the warm morning we have been having this weekend. I mean this weather has been great. I am so used to being drowning in snow and drifting and sliding on the many icy streets. But not this year. This year has been great! Only one day of snowfall, the rest has been warm and toasty. It reminds of the winters I use to spend as a kid down south visiting family. It was so warm compared to what I was used to that I love our time spend down there. Not having to wear a coat, just a long sleeve t-shirt. At the worst a hoodie or zip up sweatshirt. Yes, it has been great weather this winter.

Anyway, back to my walk. There I am walking along enjoy the calm of the morning, listening to my favorite podcast. There I am strolling, watching the world wake up around me when all of a sudden about a quarter mile up the road from where I had stop to pick up these wild flowers, I heard a huge crack over my podcast. I look up alarmed and I see a tree, an entire tree fall over. It fell right into the middle of the street just barely missing three cars, a dog, and the mail carrier.   That was amazing

Of course, I did what anyone would have done after witnessing such a thing, I called the police. If this is not an emergency, I do not know what is. Then I ran the rest of the way to the incident. As I rush down to see if there was anything, I could do. Luckily, everyone involved was fine, no one got hurt. Just a little shaken up with should be expected, but no injuries. Everyone was just so relieved by everyone being safe and protected…

Who knew a tree could just fall over just like that out of nowhere. I mean I had no idea. After see that I went home and started researching how something like this can happen and if there are any way to prevent this from happening in my own yard. I would feel horrible if one of these trees in my year were to fall onto someone I do not know what I would do.

I am reading and reading. It always comes down to tree cutting. Yes, tree cutting. If done recklessly, the tree roots become weak.   Alternatively, the tree can start to decay or become sick. All negativity affecting the natural structure of the tree. This causes the tree to become unestablished. Which in return may cause the tree to unknowing fall down. Just like the tree in the street after my walk the other day. Who knew that that was so important?

This just goes to show that one should not go around conducting their own tree services if they do not have the experience. Tree cutting or improper tree cutting can enhance or diminished a tree’s vitality and strength. Which will be horrible if the tree were to fall onto incoming traffic or an unrespecting pedestrian.

Moral of the story when attempting to do any type of cutting on a tree use a professional tree service. It is not worth it to be cheap in this type of situation.

To keep or not to keep: That is the Question

thH7731F5UYesterday I was walking into this coffee shop, not one of those big chains but a cute little neighborhood coffee shop. One of those that are so far an in between. Not to mention it is my favorite. They have the best espresso and banana nut bread. Whenever I go, I get a double caramel café and two slices of banana nut bread. So delicious. Aw, shoot now I want a coffee and homemade bread.

Anyway, as I walked into the coffee I saw an envelope. Just a beat up, crumbled, dingy envelope. I figured it was just some litter someone left on the ground. I picked it up and put it in my pocket to toss into the recycling when I got home later that evening. I go up to the counter and my favorite barista, Mandy, already knows my order, without evening having to say anything she starts making my coffee.

Mandy and I start talking. First about her baby, who just had a birthday last week and is now one years old. Then about something that was in the news last night. In addition, ended our conversation on her telling me about her school project in biology. Something about creating a cell nucleus as close to the real thig as she could possible by using only things that can be found in nature. I tell you what I am so grateful to be done with college because that just sounds like a waste of time to me, iml just saying. By this time, she has just finished squinting on the whipped cream and drizzling the caramel sauce on top, grabbed and bagged two pieces of their banana nut loaf. I paid for it then sat down near the window in front of the shop facing the street.

As I sitting there staring out of the window, daydreaming, consuming my delicious treats, and listening to this rhythmic African drum beats. I realized that I have an appointment with my accountant in less than fifteen minutes. It is on the other side of town so it should take me at least that long if not longer to get there. I cannot believe I let this appointment slipped my mind again. This is the third appointment I made with him this month. Each time I have one I forget or schedule something in place of it and forget. I cannot reschedule. That is just rude.

I grabbed the rest of my coffee, left a tip in the tip jar, said goodbye to Mandy then rushed to my car to make it across town in less than fifteen minutes. If I catch all the green lights and hop on the freeway, I may be able to make it there in like, ten minutes.

Whew! I made it! In only a mere seven and a half minutes. I am so excited that I am even early to this appointment. Such a great change of events.

Therefore, I am sitting in his office waiting room, patiently waiting to be seen by him. I realized that my breath probably smells like coffee, which is never a great smell when you are on the other end. I begin to search through my pockets looking for a breath mint or piece of gum. When I feel that envelope in between my fingers. Realizing that I never opened the envelope up I decided then to peek inside.

Oh my Lord! There have to be at least three thousand dollars in this envelope.   That is a lot of money for someone to have dropped in the coffee shop. What to do, what to do.

I will have to think about it then make my decision. Should I keep it, no one knows I have it right?   On the other hand, should I do the honorable thing, go to the police station, and back to the coffee shop. Maybe someone is looking for it, aw man. I hate being force with moral issues.

**Just an update I called the coffee shop and the police.  I have to give it at least thirty days then it is mine!

It sure is cold in this house

thRHONZEYKThis stupid furnace has went out on me again. I cannot believe it is as if it has a mind of its own. It works when it wants to work. Not when I need it to work. It is just too cold for all of this nonsense.

After work, I normally picked up the kids from school then make my way home to start dinner. This cold winter day I was doing just that. However this particular I forgot that I needed to stop at the market for a few things and I did not want to have to do that with a car full of kids. I called the neighbor to see if she will watch while I run to the store. What can I say I am so happy I have such wonderful neighbors! They agreed.

I quickly and safely took them to the neighbors’ house, and then zipped to the store a few blocks from my house. After I purchased a few things that I needed for the house and for grocery, I returned home.

While the kids were next door, I unloaded my couple of bags into the kitchen sat down and breathed for a minute before I called the kids back home. As I sitting there, I noticed that I am still feeling cold. That there is not a change in temperature from my house and from the outside. In fact, it feels as if it may even be colder in here. This is crazy. Unless that stupid furnace, I keep asking my husband to take care of is on the fritz again.

Sure enough it is. I walk down into my basement and it is just sitting doing absolutely nothing. A big box of nothing. I do what any woman would do in that situation I called my husband. He told me that he had called a HVAC company this morning and they should be on their way in like ten minutes to the house. He continued to say that he tried calling me at work throughout the day and left messages around the house. If I had seen them.   I told him no I had not but I was there and that I will wait on the technician.

The technician was really nice and friendly lady. She explain to me what was the problem with our furnace and the different options that were availed to my family and me. She informed me on their payment and financing programs, if I so need that service. She then went back down into the basement while I called my husband to discuss what she told me.

After some thinking, we both decided it would be best to schedule an installation with a brand new furnace. I hope that we will not have to worry about anything for another forty years or so.

I called her back upstairs to the kitchen, and then told her our decision. She said that she believe we made a wise decision. That was what she was hoping we would go with. She went on to schedule a day for them to come out and remove the old furnace then install a new one.

Meanwhile I called the kids back over to the house, thanked my neighbor for watching them. Moreover, we went around plugging in every electric heater we could find.

It is only for a day after all.

I love sports!

thJK2J4LLGOne of my favorite past times sports. It does not matter what the game is, I have to watch it. What can I say I have a problem? I do not see a fix to it anytime soon, so everyone might as well deal with it. I know I am a little sensitive when it comes to my measurement, as my family has told me repeatedly but I just cannot help it.

I think it all stem from my father.   As a young boy, we spent many a times in some gym, arena, or stadium always rooting for the underdog. Every life lesson I have been taught I learned from watching sports. How to address an opponent, how to lose gracefully, how to win with dignity. Yes, I have learned many a thing that had helped coped with the problems life seem to like to haul onto a person. All with a smile and a good word to my fellow man.

I am not alone in my thinking just the other day I saw basketball player Stephen Curry toss some kid in the stands an AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY THAT HE JUST HAD ONE DURING THE GAME! Do you know how lucky that kid is? How much he will cherished and caress that jersey? How he will care for it and dare I say love it for as long as it will remain with him. I know I have been there. It is a magical moment in any person life to have your idol, your star on the cloudiest day shine his light on you. In addition, leave you with a token of kindness, something that you can hold and feel to remind you of that special moment.

I had tickets to that game. Front row, center tickets that a client of mine gave me. After appreciating my work, he wanted to give a bonus. Therefore, he gave me center court tickets. Those seats where not only can you smell the sweat and blood but you can feel as well. Where your hair is toss by the rush of an intense play. Yes, those seats.

Alas I could not go. My beloved daughter had a dance recital that same night. I had promised her three months ago that I will be there front and center for her dance recital and I was. With little earbuds in watching the game on my smartphone. Please do not let her know. Therefore, I had to give my tickets up to my neighbor Niel. He and his son Umar really enjoyed their selves. It was young Umar’s first game, although I am sure he will not forget it I do wish in my heart of heats that I could have made it.

No worries. For hockey is right around the corner.   As a season ticket holder I know I will be a more than a few matches. Not to mention figurative skating, couples bowling league of America, and shuffleboard. Yes, I am a man with many different interests.

I definitely has to thanks my father for planting the seed of love for all things athletic. Yes, thanks dad, I have been enjoying it to the fullest.